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June 2009

First All-Hands Meeting Held at Crow Canyon

Please note that this content is not current. It is being maintained for historical purposes.

Researchers from as far away as Windsor, Ontario, Pullman, Washington, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and points in-between convened at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Cortez, Colorado, from June 7-10 2009 to coordinate the next five years of VEP investigations. In addition to presentations on experimental farming, monitoring temperature, assessing soil quality, and experimenting with new approaches to modeling, we discussed the on-going Community Center Survey in Mesa Verde National Park and plans for future survey and collections research in the northern Rio Grande of New Mexico.

Time was also found for field trips to large sites in Montezuma Valley—Yellow Jacket Pueblo and Yucca House—and to Mesa Verde National Monument, where we toured sites in Wetherill Mesa including Mug House and sites in the Badger House Community.

The challenges we face in the next round of research include expanding our calibration dataset (for chronology) for the northern research area in southwestern Colorado, and creating a similar dataset for the northern Rio Grande area; devising new methods for modeling maize production that will accurately reflect the unique cold-air-drainage properties of the Mesa Verde landform and the diversity of water-management techniques in the northern Rio Grande; and modernizing our agent-based modeling approaches to use new platforms, and increase the importance of groups and culture in our modeling.

Meanwhile, the first round of research (VEP I) should culminate in a final report through a major university press next year. Village researchers also contributed heavily to a volume entitled Time of Peril, Time of Change: Explaining Thirteenth Century Pueblo Migrations, expected soon through the University of Arizona Press in their Amerind Seminar series.

In the group photo at Mug House, back row, left: Denton Cockburn (Windsor), Kurt Anschuetz (Rio Grande Foundation), Jim Kleidon (NPS), Ben Bellorado (CCAC), and Mark Varien (CCAC); second row, left: Scott Travis (NPS), Steven LeBlanc (Harvard-Peabody), Emily Long (CCAC), Laura Heath (CCAC), Katy Copeland (CCAC), Samantha Fladd (CCAC), Jeremy Kulisheck (knealing, USFS), Scott Ortman (CCAC), Mike Bremer (USFS), Tim Kohler (WSU), and Charlie Reed (WSU); front row, left: Craig Allen (USGS), Rory Gauthier (NPS), Amy Hoffman (CCAC), April Baisan (CCAC),  Ziad Kobti (Windsor), Fumi Arakawa (CCAC), Brian Kemp (WSU), Kyle Bocinsky (WSU), and Julie Bell (NPS).

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