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December 2009

Hear About VEP II in St. Louis!

Please note that this content is not current. It is being maintained for historical purposes.

At the SAA 75th Anniversary Meeting, April 14-18, 2010, we will present a symposium devoted to VEP II on Thursday morning April 15. Papers include:

Mark Varien ~ The Village Ecodynamics Project: Modeling Long-Term Interaction Between Pueblo People and Their Environment in the Northern Southwest

Donna Glowacki, Reed, Bocinsky, Diederichs, Bell ~ Making Sense of the Actual: Settlement Trends in the Southwestern Colorado VEP Study Areas

Kyle Bocinsky, Kemp, Nott ~ Plop! 'Unorthodox' aDNA studies for reconstructing domestication and migration

Ziad Kobti, Cockburn ~ Village Functional Specialization Framework

Stefani Cratree, Ford, Kohler ~ Modeling or Simulation?

Steve Wolverton, Ortman, Nagaoka ~ Assessing VEP Productivity Predictions with Zoo

archaeological Relative Abundance Data in the Mesa Verde Region

Scott Ortman ~ Population history and population movement between the VEP study areas

Sam Duwe ~ Coalescence, Continuity, and Change in the Tewa Basin, New Mexico

Laura DeFrank, Goodale, Arakawa, Connolly, Kohler ~ A Breadcrumb Trail: Using Projectile Point Variation to Address Migration

Ben Bellorado, Anschuetz, Gauthier ~ Plant Seeds and Village Needs: Modeling Village Agriculture in the Central Mesa Verde and Northern Rio Grande Across the Dimensions of Time and Space

Jeremy Kulisheck, Bremer ~ Pueblo Demographic Change in the Northern Rio Grande after A.D. 1450: Implications for the Village World

John Kantner (SAR), Discussant

Tim Kohler (WSU), Discussant


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