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May 2011

Try out the Village model yourself

Please note that this content is not current. It is being maintained for historical purposes.
A sample view of the model windows as it runs.

Several months ago, the Swarm based model was ported to the Repast library. Today we are pleased to offer a downloadable technology preview of this new model. In order to run this, you will also need to download the data files.

Place the model and the data zip file next to each other in the filesystem and then unzip the data file. This maintains the directory structure the model is expecting. Then simply run it.

In MS Windows, you should be able to simply double click on the .jar file if you have the Java runtime installed.  If this does not work, you may need to download and install the runtime.

Mac OS X and most flavors of Linux have the runtime already installed, so you can simply double click on the .jar file or run it with

java -jar RepastVillage.jar

Good luck!

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