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January 2013

VEP Papers at 2013 SAAs!

Please note that this content is not current. It is being maintained for historical purposes.
We hope you will come to hear about VEP and VEP-related research in Honolulu…one can only surf so much! Papers include: Katie Grundtisch, Scott Ortman, Timothy Kohler and Carly Fitzpatrick: Violence and Warfare in the Northern Rio Grande. In General Session "New Insights in Southwestern Archaeology," Thursday Morning April 4 Kelsey M. Reese, R. Kyle Bocinsky, Addy Donyina, Donna M. Glowacki, and Scott G. Ortman: What are Communities, Really? In Symposium "New Directions in Modeling Dynamics for Coupled Social-Natural Systems," Thursday 9:30 AM April 4 Tim Kohler, Stefani Crabtree, Michael Berry, and Jeffrey Dean, Secrets of the Southwest Solved by Walkative Tree Rings. In Symposium, "The connected past: critical and innovative approaches to networks in archaeology," Thursday evening April 4 Tim Kohler, Discussant in Forum "Re-connecting the past: the future of social network analysis in archaeology" Friday afternoon April 5.

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